Fat Burning Amino Acid Injections for Weight Loss

Are no amount of sit ups, no number of reps, and hours of cardio training making the dent needed in the scales?

Despite changing to a physical lifestyle, too many people are finding it almost impossible to lose weight.

Supplementing with amino acids can help to balance your hormones, put metabolic processes in working order and replenish your body with much-needed nutrition.

But which are the best amino acids to make a difference to your weight loss goals?

Pure, US made injectable amino acids.

Please Note: Injectable amino acids are no longer available. Check some alternative weight loss programs here!

Amino Acid Injection FAQ’s

Over two thirds of Americans live an unhealthy, unbalanced, and overweight life.

Can amino acid injections formulated for weight loss help to ensure that you are in the healthy third of the population?

Lets find out.

What Are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are natural compounds that the body needs to function and survive.

Why? Approximately 20 percent of the human body is made up of proteins. Protein molecules make up much of the muscles, tissue, and cells, and amino acids are the foundation to the protein molecules.

This means that amino acids have a huge role in many various biological processes that enable you to lose weight, be energetic, and to live life with vitality.

When foods high in protein are consumed, the protein molecules are broken down to reveal amino acids. These then go to work to wake up other fat-burning hormones, repair and protect tissue and bone and trigger gasses and other natural compounds into gear.

Some amino acids even have the ability to cross the brain-blood barrier to encourage healthy brain development.

Typically amino acids are categorized into the two following groups:

Amino Acids

1. Essential Amino Acids

Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body. They need to be introduced through the diet or supplied through supplementation.

An essential amino acid deficiency can negatively affect all areas, organs, and processes in the body in a way that can be seriously detrimental and even fatal. Some effects and symptoms of deficiency can include poor brain development, a compromised immune system, kidney dysfunction, and more.

Because it affects all elements in the body, weight loss can be impossible to achieve. Once an amino acids is in the body’s system, it’s able to be used in ways that’s unique to that amino acid.

There are nine essential compounds that we absolutely need to supply our bodies with:

  • Histidine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine

  • Phenylalanine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine

2. Non-Essential Amino Acids

The remaining members of the amino acid family are considered non-essential due to the body’s ability to be able to synthesize these compounds. These amino acids are:

  • Alanine
  • Arginine*
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Cysteine*
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Glutamine*
  • Glycine*
  • Proline*
  • Serine*
  • Tyrosine*
  • Asparagine*
  • Selenocysteine

*These amino acids can also be considered as conditionally essential. This puts them into a grey area where it depends on the individuals deficiency and needs for them.

Since the body is able to produce it in at least small doses, it’s classified as non-essential, yet some amino acids aren’t produced in large enough amounts for the body to fully benefit from.

This then means that supplementation is necessary to help boost and replenish amino acid stores to ward off symptoms of deficiency.

Although amino acids are categorized into these classes, it’s still important to get your daily requirement of as many as you can get. When there is a deficiency in a non-essential amino acid, this can negatively affect and inhibit essential amino acids from being effective.

Can Amino Acids Help You Lose Weight?

Amino acids do more than just restore health and help you get that nutrition-fix you’re needing.

Certain amino acid compounds have been proven to be effective for stimulating the body to get all the weight loss hormones and processes working in the most efficient and fastest speeds possible.

Some amino acids are more effective than others. They’re considered lipotropic amino acids and are the authority of their world.

They trigger hormones to regulate metabolic processes so that fat stores are being removed from their cozy corners to be transported to the furnace to be burned up and used for energy.

While amino acids are present, nothing goes to waste and everyone is working at top speed to get the job done.

The liver gets cleansed of any fat and bile from being stored there, and muscle tissue gets given V.I.P. status as amino acids ensure that its being protected and repaired as it experiences stress.

You have a lot going on at the same time: energy levels increasing, fat being burned, new muscle growth, and muscle tissue protection and reparation which all results in weight loss and a toned, lean body.

Additionally, proteins are being utilized more efficiently. Oxidation levels are improving and it makes it easier for you to endure those high-intensity workouts as your performance levels are invigorated.

Using amino acids supplements for weight loss can make a real impact to your diet and exercise program.

What are the Best Amino Acids for Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss, there are a certain few amino acids that outshine the others.

They’re the experts of their field and they enhance weight loss effects like no other in their family. They include:

1. Methionine

This super lipotropic is an ultimate cleanser and fat-burner catalyst. As a lipotropic, it’s intertwined in every step of making sure that adipose tissue is being destroyed.

It boosts the metabolism into high gear to burn hot and fast. This makes sure that all fat tissue is being used up to provide every ounce of energy you need throughout the day. You’ll be able to pull through the afternoon humps, the early mornings, and tone down evenly for the evening.

As a cleanser and detoxifier, methionine plays effective roles in cleansing the liver of fat, scraping off layers of fat off the liver, as well as defending the body of any other toxic chemicals that have intent to do harm.

Methionine is often combined with Inositol and Choline to create what are know as MIC Injections – a powerful fat burning formula.

2. Arginine

This amino acid is known for its ability to release large amounts of nitric oxide. This in turn opens blood vessels improving oxidation and blood supply to all areas of the body.

It also reduces recovery time because it goes to work with nitric acid to repair and protect your muscle tissue while you’re working out. You can expect improved energy, longer endurance levels, and increased performance.

Human growth hormone is also triggered in large amounts to encourage new muscle growth. With having to make room for new muscle tissue, fat stores are depleted and used for energy.

Arginine is often paired with L-Carnitine to create a powerful fat burning, performance enhancing amino acid combo.

3. Carnitine

This major fat-burning compound is one of the cherries on top. While not strictly an amino acid, Carnitine is derived from the amino acids Lysine and Methionine and is therefore an amino acid composite.

Carnitine prevents fat from being stored in the body and makes sure it goes where it’s supposed to: the metabolic furnace. It’s an amino acid you’ll often see in energy drinks and foods because of its awesome fat-shedding influences in the body.

It also increases androgen receptors to be more effective at using proteins to produce new muscle growth.

Carnitine also makes itself known by helping out glutamine and arginine by being a presence when protecting and repairing bone and muscle tissue. It helps to protect existing muscle while its mission is to destroy fat cells.

4. Glutamine

When glutamine stores are full and ready to go, you know you’ll be ready to workout hard and long.

While you’re doing any sort of exercise, the muscles are under stress and glutamine is used rapidly to enable you to get through the workout, this makes it essential for those looking to buff-up and improve their weight loss rates.

With taking amino acid injections to supplement your workout, you can make sure your muscles have back up stores to replenish your body. This means that the risks of muscle loss is decreased while growth hormone and proteins are ensuring that you get the energy and new muscle growth you’re working hard for.

Your energy levels will be at its best during this time and your performance levels will surprise you.

Why Injectable Amino Acids?

You’re sick and tired of being fat, slow, and sluggish. You’ve tried all the diet fads and you’ve even started running. Still no results.

Your body is telling you it needs something more and something different. Supplying it with pharmaceutical grade amino acids can help you get the results you’re desperately seeking.

But, you need high quality and potent formulas to boost your body into stimulating the right hormones and processes necessary.

This is where the formulas above come in, they have been produced in licensed US pharmacies which routinely check for potency and sterility.

This means, not only are you getting maximum absorption by bypassing the stomach, you can be assured of the purity of the product.