Where to Buy BPC-157 Online (US Made)

Do you want to accelerate healing of muscle, tendon or ligament damage?

Are you looking for ways to repair your gut lining whilst also protecting your gut, nerve and brain cells from further damage?

If so, BPC-157 may be just the compound you are looking for.

But, before you buy BPC-157, you need to be aware that there are a lot of black market peptides for sale online. Make sure you only purchase pure BPC-157 that is compounded for human use by a licensed US pharmacy.

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The product above is made in a licensed US pharmacy for human use and is only available with a prescription (which will be provided upon ordering if the doctor is satisfied that you qualify to use BPC-157).

BPC-157 for Sale: FAQ’s

What Does BPC-157 Stand For?

BPC-157 is an acronym that stands for ‘Body Protection Compound 157’. It is also known as PL 14736 and Bepecin[1]. BPC-157 is a pentadecapeptide comprised of 15 amino acids and is naturally present in human gastric juice[2].

What Does BPC-157 Do?

BPC-157 is a cytoprotective compound which means it provides protection to human body cells against potentially harmful substances.

Because it modulates and interacts with proteins involved in tissue repair and remodelling, BPC-157 helps to repair and protect tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, internal organs, neurons and brain cells.

This means the potential benefits of BPC-157 include:

  • Accelerated healing of soft tissue injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments[3].
  • Healing of damage to the gut lining from ulcers and other inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Protection against gut damage from NSAID use[4].
  • Gut and liver protection from alcohol-induced toxic damage.
  • Accelerated recovery, supported systemic healing and the formation of new blood vessels[5].
  • Halting development of arthritis and reversing established arthritis[6].
  • Accelerated wound and burn healing as a result of rapid vascularization.

BPC-157’s role in tissue repair and systemic healing as well as its ability to promote formation of new blood vessels has resulted in this becoming a popular supplement in bodybuilding.

Can BPC-157 Heal a Torn Muscle Faster?

There is a lot of research demonstrating the ability of BPC-157 to accelerate healing of soft tissue injuries, including muscle.

In fact, evidence from rats showed restoration of the muscle fibre and function following quadricep transection with the use of BPC-157. This is profound since a transected quadricep muscle is an injury that can not normally be restored by the body and the muscle is often left dysfunctional[7].

What is the BPC-157 Dosage?

The recommended dosage of BPC-157 will be determined by your healthcare provider however as a general guideline, those using BPC-157 for wound healing will often inject once or twice daily for 15-30 days with 0.2mg of the peptide.

Is BPC-157 Legal?

BPC-157 is legal however purchasing it over-the-counter or without a prescription is NOT. Unfortunately, there is a lot of BPC-157 on the black market and being sold as a ‘research chemical’ without a prescription.

Companies selling BPC-157 for human use without requiring a prescription are doing so illegally and you should avoid purchasing it this way.

To ensure your safety you should always use a service such as the one above. In this way, you are connected with a registered medical practitioner who can provide a prescription to a licensed US compounding pharmacy, who will then send you the product.

Is BPC-157 a Steroid?

BPC-157 is not a steroid, rather it is a peptide protein that is present naturally in the gastric juice in the stomach.

Is BPC-157 Dangerous?

While there is a lack of data on BPC-157 usage in humans, no toxicities or side effects of BPC-157 has been reported in animal studies.

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Information reviewed and approved by a licensed medical professional.