Where to Buy Glutathione Injections Online

Are you looking for pure glutathione injections online?

If so, you need to be aware that there are a lot of inferior products on the market.

And a lot of them are not pure at all.

We have researched your options and below are the best brands to consider.

  • Glutathione 10ml
  • Glutathione 200mg/ml
USHCGShots Glutathione
  • Glutathione 30ml
  • Glutathione 200mg/ml

As indicated, both products contain only pure glutathione at 200mg/ml and have been produced in licensed US pharmacies.

Each company also has a doctor on staff who will consult with you via phone or video to assess your suitability to take glutathione.

There is no need to purchase questionable injectable glutathione with the products above available to you.

Glutathione Shots: FAQ’s

What are Glutathione Injections?

Glutathione is a vital antioxidant, often called ‘Master Antioxidant’ or the ‘Mother of all Antioxidants’. Glutathione injections are simply the injectable form of this antioxidant and are popular because oral glutathione has a poor absorption capability.

Glutathione is a tripeptide antioxidant that acts as a powerful detoxifying substance contributing to the removal of free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins from our bodies.

It is perhaps the most important of all antioxidants and is an essential component of normal health and healthy immune system function.

Glutathione has far-reaching beneficial effects including the potential to stop the development of neurological degeneration, heart disease and other age related conditions.

Why Injectable Glutathione?

Glutathione Injections have a very high bioavailability compared with the poor absorption capability of oral glutathione supplements.

Intramuscular glutathione injections are considered an effect method of raising or maintaining glutathione at desired therapeutic levels.

How Much Does it Cost for Glutathione Injections?

A vial of pure glutathione produced for the purpose of injection will cost from $8.30/ml.

You may find cheaper products claiming to contain glutathione on the market however these often contain a small amount of glutathione along with additional ingredients that may, or may not, be safe to use as an injection.

Is Glutathione Available Over-the-Counter?

Oral glutathione supplements are available over-the-counter however glutathione injections are not. Injectable glutathione requires a prescription from a licensed physician.

You can buy glutathione injections online however you need to ensure the product is pure and is from a licensed US pharmacy.

Each of the products recommended here require approval and prescription by a licensed practitioner which is obtained via a telemedicine consultation.

Which is the Best Glutathione Injection?

The best glutathione shot will be one that contains pure glutathione, is produced by a regulated US pharmacy and is prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner. Both products above fit these criteria.

How Many Glutathione Injections Should I Take?

A general guideline is to take 1ml of glutathione (200mg/ml), 2-3 times each week for the treatment period.

However, the prescribing practitioner will assess your individual health goals and needs to determine an optimal dosing protocol and you should be guided by that.

How Does Glutathione Work on Skin?

By improving skin elasticity and thanks to its potent antioxidant activity, glutathione is an effective anti-aging supplement. It has been shown to produce a significant reduction in lines and wrinkles in middle-aged women.[1]

It is also believed that in addition to glutathiones other skin benefits, it can produce skin lightening by deactivating the pigment producing enzyme tyrosinase, and by converting melanin to a lighter color.

Is Glutathione Good for Skin Whitening?

Currently there several trials that support the skin-lightening effect of glutathione via oral or topical application. The same studies have also shown these forms of glutathione to have a good safety profile.[2]

This had led to the use of glutathione injections for skin-lightening, despite a lack of research into their safety and efficacy. Proponents of glutathione for skin whitening claim that the injections are more effective than the oral form due to the injection’s superior absorption.

What are the Health Benefits of Glutathione?

Glutathione has a wide range of health benefits including but not limited to;

  1. Protection from oxidation
  2. Control of inflammation
  3. Prevention from age-related neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  4. Prevention and management of infections
  5. Prevention and management of autism
  6. Anti-aging effects
  7. Protection from cardiovascular disease

Is it Safe to Inject Glutathione?

Glutathione is a natural component of the human body and oral supplements of this antioxidant are therefore considered to be relatively safe. When it comes to the injectable form of glutathione, the safety profile is less clear as there is not enough data on the subject.

Some studies report no serious side effects when used for male infertility or to improve insulin resistance[3],[4], yet, certain health authorities have warned against the use of injectable glutathione.

Advocates claim that any side effects are most likely caused by other additives in the formula, which is often the case with ‘skin whitening injections’, and that using pure glutathione will almost eliminate the risk.

What are the Side Effects of Glutathione Injections?

Glutathione is naturally produced in the body and oral supplements of glutathione are considered to be quite safe.

Intramuscular glutathione injections may produce some injection site side effects such as:

Mild redness, swelling, bruising, itching or pain.

These reactions should resolve within 1-3 days and you should advise the prescribing practitioner of any other symptoms that may appear.

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Information reviewed and approved by a licensed medical professional.