Where To Buy HCG Injections Online In 2023

Best Place to Purchase HCG Diet Injections

Below are three companies who supply hCG injections online. They sell authentic, prescription-grade hCG injections made in licensed US pharmacies.

The benefits of purchasing hCG through these companies is that you are getting real pharmacy-grade hCG at a very affordable price.

For more details of each provider, see the information below.

Please Note: The rules around compounding HCG have changed and it is no longer legal to purchase in many states and cities. Click here for alternatives to HCG for weight loss.

US HCG Shots
  • US HCG Shots
  • Available in 5,000IU, 10,000 IU & Oral Troche
  • Made in Licensed US Pharmacy
  • Regularly have site-wide sales.
  • My Diet Doc
  • Available in 5,000IU, 6,000 IU & 12,000 IU
  • Made in Licensed US Pharmacy
  • Purchase the 60-day kit to save money

The information here should not be construed as medical advice. Please ensure you consult with a doctor before using HCG injections or starting the HCG diet. The diet and injections are not suitable for all individuals.

Option 1: US HCG Shots

If you are experienced with the hCG diet and are looking for affordable hCG Injections you might be interested in US HCG Shots.

This company offers well-priced hCG Kits that are made in licensed pharmacies in the USA. Because the hCG is coming from US compounding pharmacies, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire when you place your order. This will be reviewed by a licensed physician during a telemedicine consultation within 24-48 hours of placing your order. The order will only be processed if they feel you are a suitable candidate for the program. You therefore don’t need to have seen a doctor previously but should be confident with managing the injections yourself.

Mixing and dosing supplies come with every kit purchased and they have a large range of kits to choose from. They are available in 56-day supply with or without B12 or Lipo added.


  • Affordable Prices
  • Range of 10,000IU kits to choose from
  • Oral Troches available


  • Doesn’t ship internationally

Key Features:

  • The hCG injections are sourced from licensed US pharmacies
  • Each batch of hCG is produced in government controlled facilities
  • Consultation via telemedicine is required with their physician before the prescription can be filled and shipped from the pharmacy
  • Ships to most states (check with local authorities to ensure you can legally receive HCG)
  • Choice of shipping options
  • You can purchase the HCG with mixing supplies included
  • Every HCG kit ordered includes an instruction brochure
  • Information for mixing and injecting is provided
  • Option to order a combo kit with either B12 or Lipo shots

Option 2: MyDietDoc

Does the idea of having a team of doctors, nutritionists and weight loss coaches on speed dial appeal to you? If so, MyDietDoc may be the company for you.

MyDietDoc Logo

They are open 7 days/week with extended hours so that you can get the support you need – and they have a super high success rate – perhaps because they customize the hCG dosing and the diet plan to your specific situation and needs!

You can choose between a 30 or 60 day program, injections or tablets and they even have a ton of optional extras that you can add to your program to boost your weight loss results.


  • Customized protocols
  • Doctor supervised
  • Easy 2nd time ordering
  • Great add-ons available


  • No international shipping

Key Features:

  • The diet protocol and dosing of the hCG is customized for your needs
  • Diet guidelines, recipes and tips are all included
  • Access to support is 7 days/ week via the patient portal
  • Choose from 30 or 60-day program with tablets or injections
  • Lots of great add-on products for metabolism support and appetite control
  • All doctors are US trained and licensed

Option 3: No Longer Available

If you are getting started on the hCG diet for the first time, this is the program for you. The program offers a complete telemedicine program that ensures your success and safety on the hCG diet.

Your telemedicine consultation, prescription, hCG injections, mixing supplies and needles, handbook and all instructions are included in the program pricing of the 56 day kit.

You can also opt to add Vitamin B12 (very popular), Glutathione or a Lipo Fat Burner to your program for maximum results.


  • Doctor approved and supervised
  • hCG is made in a licensed US pharmacy
  • No office visits or blood tests are required
  • Exclusive discount of up to $165 through us!
  • Lowest pricing on 56 day kit &  price match guarantee


  • No international shipping
RiverFront MD Sterility Report
Sterility Report (click to enlarge)

Key Features:

  • All mixing and injecting supplies are included
  • You can add the metabolism and energy booster B12 to your HCG from just $85!
  • Lipotropic fat-burning shots are also available as an extra
  • HCG diet handbook is shipped with your package
  • Downloadable handbook, food log, weight log and measurement log
  • Phone consultations and reviews with licensed physicians also included
  • Support is available via phone, email or chat
  • You have free access to a HCG Diet Coach
  • Enhance your success with the 56 day injections kit

hCG Kit Buying Guide

Everyone wants the over-night, quick-fix to weight-loss, and while nothing like that exists (except for going under the knife!), hCG is the next closest thing!

Save yourself some money, recovery time, and potentially fatal side effects by opting for the hCG protocol instead!  If you already know what you want, just go ahead and skip to our recommended sources right here.  Why wait any longer for weight-loss when you can have it right now?

Do I Need a Prescription for hCG Injections?

While approval from a licensed doctor is almost always necessary, you don’t need to pay a co-pay, expensive doctor consults, and wait for a month before you get in with your primary physician just for a prescription.

With the advances in online telehealth, it’s much more convenient to get a prescription from a legitimate doctor without breaking the bank, leaving your house, or losing precious time.

If you buy your kit directly from the hCG source, often times you may be required to fill out an intake form that’s reviewed by the company’s licensed doctor.  If there is missing information or discrepancies, they’ll most likely contact you to ensure your online hCG order goes through – they’re very hands on!

Even when you don’t necessarily need a prescription, we do advise that you consult with a doctor your intended diet and lifestyle changes.

hCG with Vitamin B12 or Without?

While it’s not absolutely necessary to take a Vitamin B12 shot during the hCG diet, it’s highly recommended! Without it, it’s like trying to drive a car without power steering – still driveable, but difficult.

Vitamin B12 works synergistically with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to encourage and promote fat-burning. You’re also getting the benefits of improved mental clarity, increased energy levels, and enhanced moods.

When you’re on a calorie-restricted diet, the injectable B12 will step in and ensure replenishment of this vital nutrient. You’ll need all the happy hormones and encouragement you can get!

Both of the companies above offer B12 with their hCG kits. With RiverFront MD you can opt to have B12 pre-mixed with your hCG for a small fee. This means no extra shots to take! US HCG Shots has a hCG and B12 combo available in both 28 day and 56 day kits, although they are not pre-mixed so you do have to take them in separate doses.

Benefits of Adding Lipotropic (MIC Injections) to the Program

When you’re out to drop some pounds and see the scale move, you’ll want every weight-loss aid that you can get. The most supporting allies to help Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in its fat-burning quest are lipotropics.


When you add MIC injections to your hCG diet, you’ll help to stimulate and maximize additional hormonal, metabolic, and organ functions to boost weight loss, cleanse the body, and improve overall health.

While the hCG, Lipotropic and B12 injections are not combined and are separate shots, you’ll have bonus benefits that include:

  • Metabolized stored fat for primary source of energy.
  • Enhanced mood, concentration, and focus.
  • Appetite suppressant without moodiness.
  • Preservation of lean muscle tissue while on calorie-restricted diet.
  • Faster metabolic fat-burning.
  • Removes visceral fat, bile, and toxins from the organs and body.
  • Safe to use for long period of time

Both RiverFront MD and US HCG Shots offer Lipotropic formulas as an add-on.

Why USA Made hCG?

Sourcing your hCG injections from the USA is convenient, easy, and simple.  Most of the time, you won’t have to worry about shipping delays, manufacturing processes, and quality or effectiveness of your hCG products.

When you know your product was produced in an FDA approved facility, you can be assured of its potency and sterility.

Customize Your Plan!

The best thing about the hCG diet is its proclivity to be incorporated with other nutritional compounds to maximize your weight-loss! You can customize your plan to include either B12 shots or the Lipo 3 (MIC). But, why settle for just one when you can have them all?

While your source of hCG is ultimately a matter of personal preference, it’s our pleasure to help make you a well-informed buyer. We’re excited to see how your body transformation becomes your next success story!

HCG Diet Feedback

Absolutely thrilled with my results. Can’t wipe the smile off my face!

I have tried plenty of diets in the past and very few have actually delivered on their promises. The HCG diet was different, not only did I lose my goal amount of weight but I actually felt great doing it! Thank you! – Bec N, Jacksonville, FL.

Thank you Rejuvi Medical (formerly New Edge Health)!

HCG literally changed my life. I went from 141 lbs and a size 6 to 120 lbs and a size 2. It was hard work, but so worth it. Thank you!!!! – Molly K, Minnesota

Results… Finally!

After doing the hard yards at the gym for months without any visible results I decided to give the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet a go. I am so happy I did, finally the results I wanted! – Nick S, Charlotte, NC.

Just do it!

Would I recommend the HCG diet to others? In a word, YES! – D.P – Las Vegas

A hard slog but worth the effort.

I won’t lie, I found the HCG diet difficult, especially my first week in phase 2! Luckily I was already seeing results after that first week though and that gave me the motivation to keep going. I am so glad I did because it was totally worth the effort. – Mark, T – Chicago.

HCG changed my life.

I never dreamt I would get to 85kg (when 123kg was my heaviest). Well I reached that goal today!… Besides the weight loss, my health is the best it has ever been and my pancreas is thanking me big time. It is now 5 months since I last took diabetic medication! All the best newbies, if you want to change your health you will! – Rhonda V, Brisbane, Australia.

So happy to have tried the HCG Diet.

I have tried a lot of diets in the past with pretty disappointing results, the difference with the HCG diet? I actually got the results I wanted this time! A very happy customer. – Sue, Miami Florida.