Side Effects and Benefits of GHRP-2 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2)

March 1, 2023 //

What is GHRP-2?

GHRP-2 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide -2) is a non-natural, commercially synthesized, super-analog of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6 (GHRP-6) which is competent enough to strongly stimulate effect on human growth hormone (HGH).

It is a peptide which also plays a role as an agonist (activator) of ghrelin, the recently-found gut peptide.

Ghrelin peptide binds to the secretagogue receptor of growth hormone (GH) and produces an urge for food as well as stomach emptying.

Update: GHRP-2 has been added to the FDA ‘do not compound’ list which means it is no longer legally available for purchase. There are newer GHRP peptides available such as Ipamorelin which are more specific and therefore considered to be safer and more effective than the older GHRP-2 peptide.

GHRP-2 has been widely studied for its helpfulness and action as a growth hormone secretagogue (GHS), meaning it stimulates the secretion of growth hormone. This is a hexapeptide with potent properties.

It is known to promote hunger and appetite by stimulating Ghrelin release. The best use of GHRP-2 is correcting the production of low level of growth hormone.

GHRP-2 also brings about an excess weight gain in unusually lean individuals.

GHRP-2 therapy is regarded as one of a few medical techniques of reversing the aging effects in people lacking this important growth hormone.

This benefit results from the boosted and better stimulation as well as release of human growth hormone by our pituitary gland.

GHRP-2 is basically a sterile white lyophilized powder. It is considered to be the most potent classes of the GHRP family.

This peptide has been demonstrated to be helpful in adults and can be given through the oral, intravenous as well as intra-nasal route.

How Does GHRP-2 Boost hGH Levels?

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2 (GHRP-2) works to substantially activate the pituitary gland. This causes an increase in the production of the endogenous growth hormone.

Thus, this peptide works to enhance your body’s own hormone which in turn brings about functionality from the natural hormone of the body without any of the adverse effects associated with synthetic growth hormone use.

GHRP-2 enhances hGH production via a two-fold mechanism of action, for instance,

a) it causes an increase in growth hormone via amplification of the transduction pathway of the natural growth hormone releasing hormone signal, and

b) it suppresses the actions of somatostatin, thus both these pathways brings about an increase in the level of endogenous growth hormone.

GHRP-2 therapy requires a daily dosage administered via subcutaneous, oral or intra-nasal route.

Growth Hormone releasing peptide 2 also possesses an ability to vigorously boost levels of IGF-1. In order to achieve higher results, it can be used in combination with Growth Hormone Releasing peptide 6 (GHRP-6) and Sermorelin, both of which activate the pituitary gland to manufacture higher natural human growth hormone.

In addition, this combination increases the function of the hypothalamus as well.

Advantages Of GHRP-2 Over hGH

GHRP-2 has a number of advantages over hGH replacement therapy as stated below:

1. GHRP -2 enhances the production as well as the release of the body’s own natural growth hormone whereas hGH replacement therapy offers only exogenous human growth hormone and can actually shut-down natural growth hormone production.

2. When hGH replacement therapy is administered alone, not only can it cause unwanted side effects, but also it suppresses the body’s ability to synthesize hGH. (GHRP-2 does not have this effect)

3. The use of GHRP-2 coupled with hGH replacement therapy helps to achieve boosted levels of natural human growth hormones as compared to hGH replacement therapy alone.

4. Furthermore, growth hormone has a short half life and is unproductive when given orally, as it moves into the gastric tract and undergoes metabolism by the liver.

For this reason, hGH should only be administered via the subcutaneous route. On the other hand, GHRP-2 delivery via an oral route along with intra-nasal or sublingual has been shown to be effective alternative technique of supplement administration or systemic medicine with remarkable results and a number of advantages over both enteral and injectable routes of administration.

Since the oral mucosa is richly supplied with blood vessels and thus it offers direct entry of a drug into the systemic circulation, with the advantage of bypassing the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) as well as first pass metabolism in the liver.

This leads to speedy onset of action of a supplement together with a convenient and easy route of delivery.

Benefits of GHRP-2

In addition to the multitude of advantages listed above, GHRP-2 offers a number of other benefits without any adverse effects such as:

  • It enhances enduranceBenefits of GHRP-2
  • Makes the heart strong
  • Decreases fat via lipolysis
  • Inhibits the uptake of glucose by the liver and thus works in opposition to insulin
  • Helps to maintain the function of the pancreas
  • Stimulates the process of glucogenesis by the liver
  • It increases the retention of calcium and thus makes the bone strong by enhancing bone mineralization.
  • GHRP-2 strengthens the immune system
  • Boosts production of IGF-1 which offers an anabolic (muscle building) effect in turn
  • Speeds up the wound healing or healing following a surgery
  • Improves sexual desire and drive and it does so by hypothalamus stimulation

Recent research has also disclosed that GHRP-2 can be administered in higher doses than primarily considered, while staying away from desensitization which is natural in some of the other groups of GHRP.

This offers the consumer with the chance to experience higher increases in total growth hormone, depending on the quantity administered.

Safety of GHRP-2

GHRP-2 has been confirmed to be a safe alternate for synthetic hGH and it has been proven by a number of scientists.

If it is administered within the suggested dose, it is almost free of any kind of adverse events or side effects.

However if you try to use in excess, then obviously certain unfavorable side effects are likely to occur such as

  • water retention
  • tingling and numbness in the extremities
  • tiredness

Overall, GHRP-2 is quite safe and less risky as compared to hGH which unfortunately comes with a range of known side-effects.

Update: GHRP-2 has been added to the FDA ‘do not compound’ list which means it is no longer legally available for purchase. There are newer GHRP peptides available such as Ipamorelin which are more specific and therefore considered to be safer and more effective than the older GHRP-2 peptide.

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