Review: Are They a Reputable Online HCG Injection Provider?

May 9, 2024 //

Looking for a reputable online HCG Diet program? should be on your short-list of HCG injection providers. They have close to 10 years’ experience in the telemedicine industry and even longer specializing in weight loss and anti-aging medicines.

Their team of US licensed doctors are trained to keep you losing weight safely.

But how do you enroll in their telemedicine HCG injection program and why should you trust MyDietDoc with your health and your personal information? These are some of the questions we will answer in this review.

About MyDietDoc

MyDietDoc started with 25 physical locations across the western portion of the USA. In 2009, they began offering telemedicine to eliminate the barriers to purchasing desired medications and receiving doctor and nutritional consults.

Via a telemedicine consultation with one of their doctors, you can gain access to a wide variety of medications and services geared to helping you look younger (anti-aging) or lose weight either rapidly or moderately.

In addition, MyDietDoc offers laboratory testing nationwide with a price match guarantee that saves you time and money.

The MyDietDoc team includes over 10 dedicated physicians, nutritionists and weight loss coaches who have provided service to over 100,000 individuals across USA and globally. They can help you too!

The Enrollment Process

Enrolment with MyDietDoc is quick and easy and doctors consultations are typically completed the same day!

Step 1 – Submit Basic Information

Once you have selected the service/s you would like to enroll in, you will be asked to submit some basic details – name, email, phone number and date of birth.

Step 2- Register Your Patient Portal

Once your information has been received you will receive an email with instructions to arrange your appointment and create a patient portal. To complete this step simply click on the link in the email, verify your date of birth and create a username and password. The patient portal will automatically send to you your health questionnaire, allow you to request appointments with the doctors & nutritionists and message your healthcare team easily.

Step 3 – Complete Your Health Questionnaire

Now you have registered your email and have a patient portal you can go ahead and complete your patient health questionnaire. This can be easily answered and submitted within 5 minutes. Once this information has been received you will automatically be sent an email which will enable you to select the preferred time for the doctor to call for your consult. This can be done the same day!

Step 4 – Telemedicine Consultation

The doctor will call you at your preferred time. During the consultation they will go over a customized diet plan and medication dosing protocol for you. You will also receive instructions on how to use the medication. The doctor will then send your prescription to the pharmacy who will send out your medication via 2-3 day express mail once payment has been made.

Step 5 – Finalize Payment

Following your telemedicine consultation and with the doctors approval, you will be contacted by the My Diet Doc team to finalize payment. The pharmacy will send your treatment the same-day payment is made and you can choose FedEx 2-day delivery for $15 or overnight delivery for $30.

MyDietDoc Coupon Codes

From time-to-time, MyDietDoc offers discounts, bundle deals and coupon codes.

There are no active coupons currently but if you would like to sign up to our newsletter we will email you with any special offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I am denied access to the program?

If during your doctor consult, the doctor denies you for a specific medication, a full refund is provided same-day.

When can I expect to receive my medication?

After completing your doctors consultation, your prescription is sent to the fulfilling pharmacy. The pharmacy processes same-day or within 12 hours if submitted after-hours. Your prescription medication will be sent via FedEx 2-day delivery (unless you choose/pay for overnight).

How do I pay for the services?

Payment can be made using Visa, Mastercard, eCheck, Discover or American Express. Flex Spending and Health Savings Cards are also accepted. Advance Care credit is also available.

Where is the Doctor I will be consulting with from?

All of the doctors on staff are licensed and educated in the United States. They also work full-time with MyDietDoc and have liability insurance for telemedicine. This is a testament to the quality of doctor and organization you are entrusting with your health.

Patient Video Conferencing with Doctor

What support will I get from MyDietDoc?

Doctor, nutritionists, weight loss coaches and a full team of dedicated administrative staff are available 7 days/week with expanded hours to help customers in any way needed.

Weight loss coaches and nutritionists also offer communication via the secure patient portal. This can be done either through the electronic medical records system (EMR), by email, phone or text messaging.

How do I know the product is the real deal?

MyDietDoc cares about your satisfaction and backs the pharmacy they recommend and use for fulfillment. Plus, if you are not fully satisfied, they offer refunds within 7 days.

They work with a compounding sterile pharmacy, APS Pharmacy, that is licensed nationwide and has been in business for 35 years.

What is important to know is that pharmacies are audited annually (in person) by each state board of pharmacy they are licensed within, including the FDA. This is important as it’s evident that their process, operation and expertise reflects in the quality of medications offered.

In addition to this, you can see proof of potency in the recent Certificate of Analysis below.

What will the process be if I order from MyDietDoc a second time?

You can buy/request refills after your initial order has been completed. When you do, the information will already be saved in the system and further form completion won’t be required until the 6-month mark.

Doctor consultations are required every 6 months. After your doctor consult, you may repeat buy as you desire.

Is MyDietDoc HIPAA Compliant?

MyDietDoc adheres to all applicable laws protecting your privacy. All systems are HIPAA compliant and secure. Staff and providers also go through rigorous privacy training annually.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (it is the guideline for security of client information) and it is maintained on all systems and is monitored periodically. MyDietDoc actually exceeds HIPAA compliance regulations and abide by all HIPAA guidelines very strictly.

Does MyDietDoc have SSL on their website?

MyDietDoc maintains an active SSL certificate on their website to protect your privacy. An SSL certificate is essential if you are submitting your private personal and financial information online as it prevents this information from being stolen. Since MyDietDoc is secured by SSL, your sensitive information is secure too.

6 Reasons to Choose MyDietDoc

  1. MyDietDoc offers a team of doctors, all who are extensively trained to keep you losing weight or using anti-aging medications successfully, but most importantly, safely.
  2. They have qualified nutritionists and certified weight loss coaches on staff. In fact, they attract some of the top talent in the industry due to their high success rate of 92%!
  3. They are open 7 days/week with expanded hours and you are able to message the doctors, nutritionists and weight loss coaches anytime through the secure patient portal.
  4. They believe the quality and purity of medication is paramount. Did you know that active ingredients vary among pharmacies? MyDietDoc will only work with pharmacies that have a clean audit history with state and federal agencies.
  5. They were one of the first telemedicine companies specializing in anti-aging and weight loss medicine and have been in business for over 10 years.
  6. They maintain telemedicine liability insurance nationwide.

MyDietDoc’s core business is doctor supervised anti-aging and weight loss protocols and they know how to help you with their needs, in fact, their mission can be summed up in the follow statement from their CEO ‘We value each customer and our success is measured by you realizing your goals.‘ What goals will they help you achieve?

Get Started With MyDietDoc Today!

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